Thursday, February 22, 2007

Today's thought

Anyone who thinks Harper made a mistake by going after the Liberals for their stance on terrorism, and asking whether it's been softened because of bloc voting by New Canadian delegates at last fall's Liberal convention, is wrong, wrong, wrong. Some Canadians, especially in Vancouver and the lower mainland, want to know why the Liberals are getting soft on measures that they, themselves, passed into law. Yes, most of them are draconian and I have some real qualms with them. Still, I also want to see the Air India bombers convicted, and I want to see terrorists who are sheltered in Canada brought to justice. I also want to see dome real discussion on the issue, but, instead, Dion is whipping his MPs to tow his line that the anti-terrorism law should go.
Harper may lose support in the Beaches, but he's nailing down the 905 belt and southwestern Ontario, and, quite possibly, some of the NDP seats in Vancouver, by asking the questions about the people behind the massive Sikh block vote that put Dion into the Liberal leadership.
As well, if the terrorism law is killed by the Liberals and Canada is hit witha terrorist attack, who will be blamed?