Monday, February 12, 2007


The entire family is recovering from flu. I feel like I've been worked over by the Hell's Angels.
Fortunately, nothing much is happening in Ottawa. I'll post when anything major happens.


Anonymous said...

Mark, correct me if I'm wrong but, is this not like the third time your family has been run down by the flu since autumn? I'd seriously re-consider your thoughts about the flu vaccine, this is insane and unnecessary suffering. My young family, 6 and 8 year olds, have NOT had the flu (wife and myself included) ever since they were old enough for the shot. I highly recommend it! :)))

Ottawa Watch said...

We actually seem to have Norwalk virus. It is going through the city and is not a true flu.
I get the flu shot every year (as I have asthma) and I have never seen a flu or cold come through the family that I didn't catch. We are easy targets: the university, the kids' school, the Hill and a big extended family give us many, many potential virus donors.

I had two colds in the fall (maybe the same one, relapsed). It was really nasty.