Friday, February 09, 2007

What doesn't kill you makes you strong

London's Financial Times looks at the federal Conservatives' wooing of ethnic voters.
What the story misses: (1) Mike Harris very successfully wooed the same voters in suburban Toronto, which is very heavily first and second generation vizmin. (2) Most new Canadians do not come from India and Pakistan. The Brit writer projected his country's demographics onto ours. Migrants from China and south Asia are amenable to the Tory message: they work hard, understand how governments can screw up their lives, and feel no need at all to coddle Quebec.

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nomdeblog said...

FT “The Liberals continue to pay close attention to ethnic concerns.”

Right … As in Paul Martin helping the Tamils fund raise.

I’m in Don Valley West, a big riding, affluent but with a lot of new immigrants struggling to help their kids get a good start. I’ve done a lot of door knocking in previous elections and their mood is changing.

What pleasantly surprised me in the last election is how many immigrants were looking for a way to turn from Liberal to Conservative. Their values are more aligned with Conservatives; they came from countries where political patronage was a way of life. They want to be self sufficient. They work hard and want to keep their money. They are more socially conservative than I am.

My Chinese neighbor will be voting Conservative next time for the first time.