Monday, March 12, 2007

Comments policy

We have one troll who haunts this blog. He either adds comments to any post that mentions Warren Kinsella, or mentions Warren Kinsella in his comments.
Invariably, he is anonymous or posts under a fake name. His IP invariably traces to the same two addresses: a midtown Toronto office or a Beaches-area house.
I do not want people coming here to talk about Warren Kinsella. He is yesterday's news. This is primarily a blog about federal politics, and Kinsella has no role in Ottawa and appears to be unwelcome in this city. So if you have something to say about Kinsella, take it to his blog or send him an e-mail. Just take your business elsewhere.
When things get really weird, I'll enable comments moderation. For now, though, I'll just trash the crazy comments.


nomdeblog said...

Don’t worry, if he’s in The Beaches, climate change will take care of him.

Anonymous said...

I have all sorts of trace software and stuff and I can't do that.

No one can trace an IP to a home from a PC except the Police and they send a
warrant over to the ISP to release the information to them.

Anonymous said...

You wish.

Ottawa Watch said...

I do have proof that crazy shit about me was posted from the IP of a downtown Toronto pollster who is also landlord for a political strategy/lobbying company, and other nut-job stuff was posted by a rather interesting residential IP.