Monday, March 05, 2007

Robert McClelland

I hate to see Robert McClelland in trouble. He was one of the first people to step forward and support me when I was SLAPP-sued by Warren Kinsella. And I didn't see Jason Cherniak around.
That said, I just don't get his stuff about "the jews". I know he feels he has been targetted by Warnout, who's awfuly quick to play the "racist" card. Robert, however, should give some thought to why it's as wrong -- and inaccurate -- to talk about "the jews" as it is to talk about "the blacks", "the French", "the poor", "the Mexicans". That's far too wide a brush.
Jewish people have a long history of being smacked around. In the case of the recent posts that McClelland is caught up in, some fool was going on about Jewish controls of the levers of power in Canadian society. And that's absurd. One Jewish family controls a media chain, and it gets the butt of anti-Jewish racism in this country. No one points out the race or religion of the Thomson family, the Desmarais, the Peladeaus, the Honderichs and Hindmarshes, or the Siftons. Jews are relatively rare in Canadian politics. Their lock on the levers of society are far more imagined than real.
I wish I could read something other than racism in McCleland's quotes, but, I'm afraid, his critics are right. As Kate says at, this type of racism is becoming more common among the left. It's especially popular among so-called "progressives" in Europe who, in the name of supporting Palestinians, are engaging in some brutal Jew-baiting. They see the Israel lobby, disagree with its stance, then lapse into a form of racism that's similar to the attitudes of France in the Dreyfus trial. It is really quite sickening.
Robert, you can't have it both ways. You can't be in favour of civil rights and equality, then knock an entire race of people. Step away, think it through, and don't offer yourself up to creeps and self-proclaimed ratfuckers like Kinsella to be a punching bag.
In an entirely unrelated vein, the psychopaths and psychotics have shown up, so anonymous comments are disabled. If you have something to say, you'll have to sign your name. That takes courage, something that is lacking in the trolls who watch this blog like a hawk.


Werner Patels said...

Read this:

I think Robert should sue WK.

Ottawa Watch said...

He should sue the Post. Then, most likely, Kinsella would be canned. They already had to retract his column on Mulroney.

Marky Mark said...

Very well said. I don't understand why reputable bloggers keep allowing this guy arthurdecco to post his Protocols of the Elders of Zion style rants complete with links to hate sites like Jewish Tribal Review.

Hehas managed to get that link into other sites as well.