Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Support Lord Black

So www.supportlordblack.com was a hoax created by Frank Magazine. How about that?
I supposed they have phished some e-mails and pledges of support from people. They may be embarassing to those who were willing to privately support Black while having a neutral or even anti-Black public face.
I'm a historian. I think I have a fair grasp on how history will treat Black. And I think it will look somewhat kindly on him for the books he wrote, for his improvements to several important newspapers (which have, for the most part, been stricken with decay since he sold them), and for his bold gamble with the National Post. Black has been a little too faux-patrician for my liking, but, when all is weighed and measured, we're better off for having him.
Now, I wish I could say the same for Frank. It is guilty of all the sins Black laid at the feet of Canadian journalism. Frank exists to prove to any doubters that the tall poppy syndrome is alive and well in Canada. Its editor, Michael Bate, is a scumbag. Its staff writer, Streve Collins, is a vicious little failure, damaged goods in so many ways. Collin's anaemic-looking girlfriend, Kathryn Howitt, who likely writes for the rag, is a bile-filled wanna-be writer crone who hates anyone who's actually had anything published. Greg Wells, another contributing writer, simply can't find honest work. Jaffe, the cartoonist, is the only bright light. The magazine exists for only one reason: to keep Bate in the lifestyle he's come to enjoy. It's all about supporting the overdog, paying for Tuscan vacations and a big house in the Glebe for Bate. And if anyone thinks the magazine treats anyone fairly, just look at its impoverished present and former writers. Anyone who thinks Bank is a decent guy should talk to Collins and to Bate's former employees. I suspect Black's valet sees him in much more heroic terms than Glen MacGregor, Mike Waloschuk, and so many other screwed-over former Frank employees see Michael Bate.
At least Collins can make some money shopping Frank's subscription list and sources around to the highest bidder. That might help top up the pay packet.

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