Thursday, March 08, 2007

Today's question

Will Toronto's city government -- along with the services it provides -- collapse in the next decade under a weight of debt, olr will Toronto, because of its size, political clout and importance to Canada, be forever bailed out by the province and the feds?


nomdeblog said...

City government is like a Health Care. It is difficult to unscramble the complex delivery of services and the Byzantine funding that goes with those services. Costs are out of control , the Mayor and City council are Dippers; they are wedded to unions, who fund their campaigns, therefore they will not outsource delivery of services at competitive prices.

Clearly the 3 levels of government structure designed in an agricultural age of 1867, with few government services, is not working in a digital age with Marxist child care plans delivered by CUPE unions for $7 a day, a price that is below cost. Conversely a Parks union member earning $17 an hour plus dental plans and free Viagra is way above market costs were the Parks jobs to be outsourced.

So do we have to hit the wall like New York did in the 1970’s and then Donald Trump and buy up Toronto like the Reichmann’s did in Manhattan?

Ottawa Watch said...

Probably. The math points to this outcome.