Thursday, March 01, 2007

Today's Stoopidity

MP Cheryl Gallant (CON, Somewhere Up the Ottawa Valley) embarasses Canada at Tuesday's meeting of the Commons Committee on National Defence. She's questioning James Appathurai, Spokesman, NATO International Staff, North Atlantic Treaty Organization:

Mrs. Cheryl Gallant: Thank you, Mr. Chairman.

For these questions any that you send back to the committee if you could provide them to all members of committee. I'm going to start off with a question that I know will be of interest to my colleague from Quebec, one of many Quebeckers who form a nation within united Canada who also sits on the parliamentary committee for NATO.

Now Mr. Alexander you told us the may wonderful infrastructure projects that have gone on and the benefits to Afghans as a result of our being there. Mr. Appathurai you mentioned original reason you alluded to the fact that terrorism is why we are in Afghanistan to begin with.

Now I want to talk about NATO. When NATO was first formed as you know the countries grouped together in response to the Cold War. We're more at the ready steadfast reactionary group and it's only in the fairly recent past that we've become an expeditionary force. As you also mentioned we have casualities and the greatest of sacrifices are being paid by all coalition countries, as well as countries who aren't apart of NATO. We have Jordanian soldiers which we saw over there and countries who wish to form NATO, but every time we have a casualty come back to Canada in a flagged draped casket political hay is made out of this and a movement about to take our troops out of Afghanistan.

My first question is if NATO were to leave Afghanistan before the mission is complete what impact would that have on NATO as a whole and its future? We know that the European Union has its force so there could be things competing there. I'm curious as to the caveats that France has. That's really important here in Canada because the leader of the opposition currently has dual citizenship, and anything can happen in politics.

Hon. Denis Coderre: On a point of order. That's a disgrace. That's pathetic.

Mrs. Cheryl Gallant: If as part of his citizenship be in France I would like to know what sort of background and position that country is taking.

Lastly, the Senlis Council they presented before a committee and they showed slides and they depicted actual Taliban and their families being feed. I'm wondering what---

L'hon. Denis Coderre: A point of order please.

The Chair: On a point of order please.

Hon. Denis Coderre: The issue of dual citizenship is against something that's totally out of order on the issue. I want you to ask her to


de retirer ses paroles, de faire de la petite politique comme cela est inacceptable. Cela n'a pas sa place. On a trop de questions sérieuses à poser. Si elle ne peut poser de questions sérieuses, on lui en dira, mais je lui demande de retirer ses paroles sur la question de la double citoyenneté.


The Chair: That's not a point of order, Mr. Coderre, as you probably realize.

Mrs. Cheryl Gallant: The Senlis Council depicted them handing out food to the Taliban. I'm wonder how that impacts on the work that you are doing in Afghanistan .

The Chair: Ms. Gallant, your time is up.

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