Monday, March 26, 2007

Why Israel

I just read Warren Kinsella's speach he made to a Jewish group this weekend. Most of it was "vote Liberal" dreck, but he did say this, which I agree with entirely:

There are others like me – many, many others, and they're all a lot smarter, too. There are others like me, who admire Israel for being a beacon of democracy in a sea full of tyranny. For its generosity, for its wisdom. There are others like me, who see Israel's continued existence as a precondition to a safer, saner world.

Now, remember last summer, when Israel fought Hezbollah. Where was Stephan Dion? Where was the Liberal Party? Waffling, at best.
Where was Stephen Harper? Four-square behind Israel.
If Israel was threatened by massive conventional forces or by nuclear weapons, where would Stephan Dion be? Maybe a Liberal government would open the Canadian border to Israeli refugees (something it wouldn't do when Hitler was persecuting and killing jews).
If Israel or a western ally took action to destroy Iran's nuclear weapons program, do you think Dion would support that move? Somehow, I doubt it.
If the issue was Israel, and Israel alone, Harper would certainly win my vote.


Anonymous said...

According to Kinsuya website, he's going to be launching a legal missle straight at you soon.

Can't wait for the fireworks! Thanks for entertaining so many of us in the Blogosphere with your silly Kinsella-War!

Ottawa Watch said...

Doesn't say he's suing me.