Saturday, April 28, 2007

Black will walk

Dig through the very lousy reporting and the editorialising in this piece, and you'll see that Black's non-competes were approved by Hollinger's audit committee. Near the bottom, way, way deep and down, you'll see that Kravitz signed off on them. In a very obtuse way, Kravtiz -- and the reporter -- offer up Kravitz' explanation: she didn't read them. What they don't say: she was paid to read them.
These charges are all about whether Black followed the rules, not about whether he was a good publisher. And, while he probably never really had any respect for the rules, and very little concern for the reasons behind them, Black appears to have covered his ass. Maybe he covered it better than Kravitz covered hers, though, Lord knows, she tries awfully hard.

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