Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Blame the parents

Maybe this boy wouldn't be in so much trouble if his father hadn't been such a terrorist scumbag. Canada's sleaziest Prime Minister, Jean Chretien, helped spring Khadr Sr, an al Qaeda bagman, from a Pakistani jail. Now young Omar is the last of the Fighting Khadrs (one brother took a pass on the family terrorism business; Omar's other brother and father were killed by American forces and Omar, then 15, was taken alive. He was later allegedly involved in the murder of a jail guard in Afghanistan before being shipped to Guantanamo), and he's going to face an American court. It's sad that a father would take his son down this path and ruin his life. Omar Khadr had a real chance. He could have lived a peaceful and happy life in Canada. His father had other plans.

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