Sunday, April 22, 2007

Credit Canada

Kevin Meyers, who writes on military affairs for the Sunday Telegraph, wrote a piece about Canada that's inspireed a few people, inlcuding my mom, who sent me a link to the article.

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nomdeblog said...

Your Mom found a good article. Similar articles appeared recently at Vimy Ridge tributes. The casualties recited in the article put in perspective those in modern conflicts.

It’s true that Canada often ends up being a “wallflower” after sacrifices trying to do the right thing. But that’s better than being hated, which is where the USA, the world’s first non-imperialist super power, ends up. We have to be like parents, hope that some day the kids will understand. But probably not until they have their own kids, as my mother used to tell me and she's right.

Occasionally the US tramples some innocent bystanders, but usually it’s unintentionally, careless at worst. But as the economies of the West shrink as a percentage of the global economy, we may see the day when the world’s most powerful nation(s) will outsize the USA and they won’t give a fig about who gets trampled. I doubt Chairman Hu will even bother to phone Harper to say "sorry about the friendly fire”.