Sunday, April 29, 2007

Justin Time update

Congratulations to him for winning the nomination. He might actually be able to go the distance, but Montreal does not like celebrity parachute candidates. Ask Marc Garneau, the charismatic astronaut, who would have made a great MP but was defeated by some no-name separatist in the 2006 election.

Anyway, credit where it's due: Trudeau got his people out, they got the vote out, and the kid's in the race.

I love this quote, from today's CBC story on Justin Trudeau:

"I wouldn't be my father's son if I expected anything to be handed to me. I've always worked for everything I've ever had in my life," he said.

Pierre did, in fact, have the extra kick of inheriting the bulk of his father's money. Jos Trudeau, defying the myth that Francophone Quebecois were kept out of business enterprises by those nasty Anglos and Jews (btw, one of my cousins, four times removed, founded a bank in Montreal in the mid-19th century... go figure), made millions in the Depression in the gasoline business. Pierre inherited the equivalent of hundreds of millions. All that money, with compounded interest (Pierre was a notorious cheapskate) was passed on to Trudeau's surviving sons and daughter.
Justin Trudeau seems like a personable, semi-bright guy. He also strikes me as quite kind-hearted, like his mother. I doubt he really has any connection to the ruthless liars who claim, on the Internet, to be his friend. Unfortunately, Trudeau is really disconnected from the rest of us, and he seems to have the maturity of a 20-year-old. His brother Alexandre... now, there's the Trudeau who inherited the brains.


Brian said...


Justin wasnt handed anything in this race...unlike the current MP from Etobicoke-Lakeshore, for example.

I think Justin will make a fantastic MP and I can't wait to have him in the house.

Ottawa Watch said...

He was handed a lot of help from the media, who wouln't have given the same ink and air time to a parachute grad student named Ducharme or Smith. He also got help from old-time Liberal heavies like Pettigrew who wouldn't have gone near a normal nomination.
If he makes a good MP, it will be in spite of the hype, not because of it. I still haven't seen any reason to vote for him or see him as anything but a lightweight.

Ottawa Watch said...

BTW, after what's happened in the States, why are people so eager to erect political dynasties in a democracy?