Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The Liberals... a parable

My old pa's a saint. Yup, a real relic of ages gone by.
Anyway, he tells a story (not as from the point of view of a participant, mind you) of what really, really, really bad boys did back in the Depression. Now, this was a crueler age, a time of BB guns, .22s and firecrackers. Really, really bad boys (and don't get any ideas here, kids, there's laws against this kind of stuff) used to grab a couple of tomcats, take them out to the barn, and tie ten feet or so of strong twine to their tails. Then they'd suspend the cats belly-to-belly from a beam and watch the resulting show (it toughened the lads for the later struggle against Hitler, possibly). The cats would do very, very nasty things to each other in their vain attempts to escape.
And that, to me, is a fitting analogy of the Chretien-Martin "feud", except, instead of two cats, there's dozens of miserable tomcats dangling.
It really doesn't seem like quality entertainment to me. The strange thing is, some of them seem to enjoy it.

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