Wednesday, April 11, 2007

More police investigations... keep 'em coming

This is interesting news.
This needs to be a wide-ranging investigation that will either clear, or convict, all of the pollsters and ministers of the Chretien-Martin years. Harper, too, better make sure his own house is in order. And it needs to be looked into at the provincial level, especially at Queen's Park.

This investigation becomes more bizarre by the minute. The parameters are good: going back to the Mulroney years, and including a pretty wide swath of the corrupt Chretien regime, as well as Paul Martin's finance department. But really, was a separatist ex-politician the most qualified person in Canada to handle the investigation?


Anonymous said...

why would we listen to a dumb cunt who can't even spell?

Ottawa Watch said...

Actually, listening won't get you far.
Try reading.