Wednesday, April 04, 2007

My life

Well, my life as a freelancer is over. I was hired as a full-time prof today, teaching undergraduates and graduate students. I start in September.
Certainly one of the more interesting days of my life.
I love to teach. I suppose it runs in the family. The position will also be an interesting soap box, which I intend to use to the fullest.
This is the culmination of a long, long journey. First, I left school when I was in my early twenties to work for a paper. There were quite a few reasons for that, some that make sense now, some that don't. When I was in my late twenties, I began taking courses to finish my BA in history: two courses a term, three terms a year. I finished my BA when I was 33. Then I did a diploma in public policy and administration at the University of Guelph. Then, at 40, I started my Master's in journalism. In my mid-40s, I started my PhD in history. I believed it was important to combine these two areas of study. I never took my eye off the puck.
Along the way, I did other things: wrote for papers and magazines. And I wrote a bunch of books.
So this is a new adventure. I intend to teach and comment on media, politics, and the ways they inter-relate. As well, I'll write straight history and academic articles. University teaching will take up the bulk of my time after September, but I also will write op-ed pieces, my column, and for the Ottawa magazine.
I need to spend the next few months fixing and revising my thesis, which is on the censorship system in Canada in World War II.
The next big change for this family will come when my wife finishes law school. She's doing research for the school this summer and is working as an editor on the law review next year.
It's been a tough grind, but it's finally paying off.


Anonymous said...

Wow and double triple wow, good for you Bourrie. Congratulations on your achievements, these are no small things. Keep on publishing, don't forget to keep bringing us Dion Speak.

Ottawa Watch said...

Dionspeak comes from the post-Question Period scrums. The House is off for two weeks for Easter (they're deeply religious).

nomdeblog said...

Congrats and good luck!

If you are going to take on the media, probably the smartest thing you’ve done so far is marry a lawyer .. ;>)

Anonymous said...
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Ottawa Watch said...

Today's lesson:
Do not feed the trolls.
I've ID's the IP, downloaded the threats, and I know what to do with them.