Monday, April 09, 2007

Quebec City and the week ahead

This week, if I have time, I'm making a trip to Quebec City. I'll be visiting the place where my family settled in 1670, at Charlesbourg, just north of the city. Part of the actual property -- the Bourret relatives sold it off in the 1930s -- is now a quarry that produces lovely black trilobites. I'll make the trip early Friday, or maybe even slip away on Thursday.
The weather is supposed to be in the 15 degree range Friday and Saturday, which will be a relief after the nasty cold weather this weekend.
As well, sometime this week, I'll quietly scope out my new university digs. I'm looking forward to having some office space to put some of the books that I'll be using for teaching, but I won't be able to actually move stuff in until August. I'll also have some room for some old pictures that were acquiring dust in this house, and, of course, some large fossils.
Tomorrow, I have to deal with the plagiarised papers. Apparently, we have an advisory office for this kind of stuff.
Then, I wrap up my freelance work for the spring and summer, except for a very little bit of stuff that I've promised various editors.


Gaurav said...

i was seraching on blogs for quebec and found your s..

you must be surprised what i am doing here ....

well Mark i found a girl who lives in quebec . we both thinks we love each other ...
me from india and she is coming india in 2008 .. She says to me quebec is very nice place and always tell me to settle there with me ....

Lol y i am typing i also dont know but i will do in each blog who write about quebec


Ottawa Watch said...

Good luck.