Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Today's Dionspeak

(Someone has finally got through to him to make his sentences shorter. The old run-on sentences used to make my day.)

Does what happened in Virginia rekindle the argument over, you know, the gun control? This government wants to get rid of the long gun registry.

The Hon. St├ęphane Dion:
I'm ready to speak about the necessity to have the gun registry. I'm just
(inaudible) to insist too much about the event of (inaudible) to justify it. It's a policy that, on which we believe very strongly as you know. The, all the specifics will show that the big difference between the criminality rates in the United States and in Canada is about gun crime. So we need to have a strong gun control in Canada. But I don't want to use the event of yesterday to, to start the debate because you know that it's our policy since a long time. And we, we asked to the government to take that into account.


audacious said...

there was a clip of dion on cbc, talking about the charter ... my gawd, i think i can appreciate what the french must think of harper's french. however, back to dion ... i would almost feel, that let him speak in french and put some english subtitles at the bottom of the screen.

Ottawa Watch said...

I think Harper's French is better than Dion's English. But then, I can understand Harper's French, unlike the French of most Quebecois. Now, that may not be a compliment to Harper's French, but may be a sign of my tin ear for the Quebecois accent.