Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Today's Dionspeak

Mr. Dion, what do you make of Bert Brown -- of the prime minister saying that he would appoint Bert Brown to the Senate?

Hon. St├ęphane Dion:
Well, I hope he will not appoint him minister in addition of it. I think it's the worst of two worlds because in the current system you choose the best person. I'm not sure the prime minister chose the best person. And he cannot claim that it's a democratic process. Really it's an election that came a very long time ago. And besides what the prime minister wants to do to have an elected Senate when the relationship between the House and the Senate, the dispute settlement mechanism it does not exist, would be another big mistake, another big mismanagement. And also it's so unfair for Alberta to have an elected Senate because Alberta has only six
senators today and less than New Brunswick who has 10 senators and they are three to four times less numerous than Alberta. As long as you don't have elected senators and senators know that they need to not play fully their roles it's okay for Alberta. The very moment elected -- senators are elected, guess what? They want to be reelected. And they will use all the powers and the fact that Alberta has only six senators then will become very unfair. This prime minister may come from Alberta but he is not working for the interests of Albertans.

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