Thursday, April 26, 2007

Today's Dionspeak

Note, too, the ruthless objectivity of the questioner, a member of the Parliamentary Press Gallery. This exchange from today's post-Question Period scrum in the foyer of the House of Commons:

Mr. Dion, these stories that the Prime Minister keeps changing every single day. Now apparently we have access to these prisoners and apparently the Human Rights Commission is backtracking on what it said earlier to the Globe and Mail. What is going on here?

The Hon. St├ęphane Dion:
I think the government is inventing one after the other stories and it's a disgrace on this so important topic. Now the last story, if I understand well, is that the Minister of Security said that it's, it's Corrections Canada that is monitoring the situation of the detainees that we have a responsibility for, and since weeks and months. So why we had all the questions. And why not the Minister of Defence yesterday at the committee didn't say so? He said he has an agreement, a new agreement and now we know it's not true.

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