Sunday, April 29, 2007

Urban Sprawl

This looks like a very interesting movie. Jay Teitel has written a lot on Canadian suburbia. We're going to look back in a generation and wonder why we built the cities we did. The "reformers" of the 1970s opposed high-rise and density growth in the downtown core. They played into the hands of developers, land speculators and the huge highway construction lobby that has grown rich on Canada's urban sprawl. Our suburbs are cold, ugly, and very unsuited to raising kids, especially teens.

HT to This Magazine's film club's electronic newsletter.

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2Sheds said...

(Mark, please forgive my intrusion in your comments section twice in one day.)

I always thought Rush captured this same sentiment beautifully in their song and music video “Subdivisions”:

I watch that video, and (aside from enjoying some really nice historical shots of Toronto) I recollect the houses of the friends of my youth – so sad. It shows exactly what you say about some of our suburbs, as well as some uncanny similarities to the scenes in Radiant City.

(And my apologies to those who enjoy this style of home and life…different horses for different courses, yes?)