Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Warren, Warren, Warren

A couple of points:

The fact the OLG and its advisors denied elderly, sick Mr. Edmonds his apology until the day he died and put the guy through a legal wringer, and so have some responsibility for his suffering, is lost on you. Most people get it.

The fact that your obit of "Uncle Donald" was yet another of your self-congratulation exercises, rather than a real tribute to the guy, was the point of the mockery. Most people get that, too.

I know that people with your disease don't understand how people with empathy think. These points may help you.

BTW, Warren, I'd post this on your comments page, but you're too chickenshit to have one, so I'll ask this here:

Did you call Cheri DiNovo "Cheri DiNutso" to her face when you were at TVO the other day? How about some of those dandy things you've written about Kathy Shaidle? Did you repeat them when she was close enough to you to slap your face?

I somehow doubt it.

Update: The Prince o' Darkness changed his blog this morning to remove my reminder to him that Mr. Edmonds had passed on. Seems he's decided not to refresh the public's memory of his role in the ongoing lottery scandal cover-up.
Now, he's fallen back on his usual libels.
Great spin job, Warren. Truly textbook material.


johnny maudlin said...


johnny maudlin said...

I'll make it short and sweet: the final word on Kinsella (because the dynamic never changes...) is classic pot calling the kettle black.

Today it's about Warren kissing Kay's ass because Kay wrote a column about the horrible blogosphere, festering with hatred and boners.

There are few bloggers more invested in flame wars than Kinsella. That is at least 75% of his claim to the small piece of notoriety he is leasing.

Were it not for fighting and threatening legal actions, Kinsella would be less read than Spector or countless other pundits.

But he pathologically speaks about the phenonenom of blog shenanigans as if it has nothing to do with him.

This is Catholic Warren, in short pants, all wide-eyed and innocent, holding a candle to light the dark.

Bullshit artist extraordinaire. Hypocrite par excellence with few competitors.

Ottawa Watch said...

People see it pretty easily.
They read it for the laffs (at his expense), not for any type of education.

Anonymous said...

Kinsella rocks, you suck ass !!

Ottawa Watch said...

Geez, yer late, "mysterious stranger who only trolls when the post is about Kinsella", whoever you may be.
At least i don't suck Jonathon Kay's ass in public.

Anonymous said...

bourrie sucks rachel marsden's ass

or would if his wife would let him

Ottawa Watch said...

That's nice, "stranger who only posts on threads involving Warren Kinsella". What's with the Marsden fixation? Do you need help?
She's a friend of mine, and you seem to have some unhealthy desire to talk nasty about her.
I can see why you post anonymously, but you still must live with your disfunction, day in and day out, hiding it, trying to wear a mask of sanity, but it slips sometimes, doesn't it? It must be hard guessing how "healthy" people would handle a situation, ethn making your attempts to play the part of a well human being. You have my sympathy, you really do. And congrats for being able to pull it off, at least most of the time. I used to interview people like you who were locked up in Penetang, who just couldn't pull off that difficult act of hiding their disfunction, and who lashed out phsyically instead of verbally.
I hope it doesn't come to that for you, or that you don't choose suicide when your urge to hurt others drives you into even deeper confusion. Good luck, old friend. I'm rooting for you. I really do want to help.