Monday, May 14, 2007

Buy Magna

Chrysler makes mini vans with bad transmissions. It builds big trucks and SUVs. It builds big cars. It doesn't build a hybrid or any good-quality small cars. Chrysler is so stuck in the 1970s that it brought back the Dodge Charger -- or, at least, a lame version of it* -- and only the cops have been buying it. The police who do use the Charger tell me it's cramped and has a huge blind spot. Daimler-Benz was smart to unload the turkey. As David Olive says, Magna was lucky not to get it. Magna would have been out of its depth with Chrysler at a time when the Chinese are about to unleash hell on what's left of the North American car industry.

(*the Charger only comes with four doors and an automatic transmission. Is there anything in the world that's more lame than a muscle car with an automatic transmission? Only the Americans would build a sports car that's unavailable with a standard, and only American drivers would be caught dead in one.)

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