Friday, May 25, 2007

Dugald Christie: One Last Screwing

Dugald Christie was a very cool guy. Long-term readers of this blog will know that I went to his funeral in Vancouver last summer. Dugald did a lot to make sure justice wasn't just for the rich. Giving up a lucrative practice, Dugald moved into a downtown residence for the homeless and devoted his life to organizing pro-bono legal clinics for the poor and disadvantaged. He also campaigned to repeal a ludicrous tax on legal fees, which, he believed, helped keep legal representation out of the hands of the poor and working-class. Dugald had won a major round in BC's Court of Appeal. He was on his bike, making his way to the Canadian Bar Association convention in St. John's when he was struck and killed by a mini-van outside of Sault Ste. Marie last August. Today, the Supreme Court of Canada came down with its decision on his tax case. The tax stays.

BTW, if you wonder why people get confused about justice issues, read this story. What a mess. You've got Ontario's Court of Appeal decision on access to information tumbled in with the Supreme Court decision on the law fees tax, dissenting opinions tossed in, appearing to have far more importance than they did, and some strangely confusing wording and structure. Next time, Tracey, write two stories.

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