Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Helpful link

Anyone who wants to see the comments liar Warren Kinsella mentions on his worthless blog today should scroll down to the "Anarchist Leaker" post. Check the times to see when they were posted.
Now, do I want Kinsella dead? As I posted on the comments Kinsella neglects to publish: No, I do not. As I wrote, I don't care either way. Warren, get some help and get it through your dense skull: I just don't care.
Kinsella is, of course, the original "anonymous" poster.

By the way, Warren, just how mentally ill do you have to be to publish a Nixon-style Enemies List on the Internet? Especially one so full of lies and distortions as yours. By the way, sorry if you don't find me attractive, but I certainly can live with that.

With his disturbed postings on his Enemies List page, Kinsella is, essentially, begging me to sue him. He wants the attention. He wants me to play in his sewer by having to go to court to defend my reputation from his deliberate lies and libels. But people have his number, and I have too much going on in my life to get into a legal shit-flinging match with the likes of Kinsella.


Anonymous said...

Maybe Kinsella's family will do some kind of intervention before it's too late.

Anonymous said...

and are you the anonymous poster on sooey's blog?

Ottawa Watch said...

No. Never read it.