Friday, May 11, 2007

McWimpy Caves

Ontario Liberals finally allow probe of Sponsorship II. Nice of him to wait until lots of damage was done to the Grit re-election effort.


nomdeblog said...

A couple of troubling points about Sponsorship II

John Tory has been harping on this at Queens Park for weeks, yet there was no way anything would have happened without the press keeping the heat on this issue. So there is a need for the MSM, I’ll have to concede.

What is wrong with the Auditor General? Why wouldn’t he have the obligation to investigate this, why does it have to have the OK of McGuinty? That’s a built in conflict of interest.

Also, this has the potential of a mega exposure. Many immigrants have been brainwashed, usually by their own ethnic leaders, into thinking they must vote Liberal or be deported by a Conservative government. It has been the highly successful modus operandi of both Federal and Provincial Liberals to get to the ethnic leadership and keep these myths alive. Maybe the Ontario Auditor General will give us some answers as to who benefited when he follows the money.

Ottawa Watch said...

Good points, especially about the AG.