Monday, May 07, 2007

No Timmy's?

Tim (no relation) Naumetz serves up a story about the brewing coffee crisis on Parliament Hill. I think it's just a cash grab. The Centre Block cafeteria coffee is great Fair Trade stuff that sells for $1.35 for a big cup (half price if you bring your own cup), and, if you're organized enough to have a Frequent Flier card, every tenth coffee is free. Starbucks is going to hook everyone on Parliament Hill on $2.50 coffee, which will make folks even more surly than usual. As well, next thing you know, lobbyists will be buying coffees for those who are strapped for cash.
What Tim (no relation) Naumetz didn't say, or what was cut out of his story by the copy editors at the Citizen, is that the Horton's just off Parliament Hill is an incredible cash cow for the chain. On workday mornings, there's a line out the door and into the Sparks Street mall, as though it was Size Seven Tennis Shoe Day at Moscow's GUM department store in 1974. Horton's coffee seems to be getting worse, the pastries get smaller every year (I remember when an apple fritter was a meal) and, now that they've stopped making things in-store, everything seems old and has that just-thawed-out blandness.

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