Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Uncle Bobby RIP

In 1964, when Uncle Bobby came on the air, I was a little kid living on Prince Edward Drive in Etobicoke. Uncle Bobby was up against stiff competition, including Channel 7's powerhouse Rocketship 7 cartoon show. But Uncle Bobby held his own. I moved to the Mennonite country outside Kitchener and came into the jurisdiction of Big Al, the Kiddies' Pal. All of those kind of shows, which used chincy sets and schlock to fill the gaps between the 20-year-old Popeye, Woody Woodpecker, and other cartoons that were originally meant to be shown in movie theatres. Now, most of them are considered too racist/sexist/dated to be shown at all. Uncle Bobby (Ash) was an eyewitness to the birth of modern kids' TV, and now he's up with the angels.

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