Monday, May 21, 2007

What do you make?

I live in a city of one million people that has no industry. This is an anomly in human civilization. How can a city grow to such a size solely on the tax remittances of others? Ottawa has a "high tech" industry that is just another form of information manipulation, and that simply wouldn't exist in the city if it wasn't the national capital. We don't make anything of real substance. As the years go by, fewer other Canadians do, either. Mill towns are closing all over the North. Factories in the industrial heartland are shutting down. Those that are favored by governments -- like Bombardier -- cost more than they're worth. Our society can't survive without being productive, but working in transportation, trade and industry is despised by people today. They want to be like the folks on TV and "work" in offices, spending the day surfing the net, flirting and gossiping. In real life, most paper-pushers, especially in Ottawa, are unhappy, resentful people who have one focus in their working lives: retirement day. Who will pay to support all this bureaucracy? Looks like nobody will, since industries are continuing to pull up stakes in central Canada because of high taxes, increased electrical costs (which killed the northern Ontario lumber and paper industry), and a lazy work force.

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Anonymous said...

Amen, Mark.
An acquaintance of mine works for a paper mill here in Ottawa. Raw material is shipped to China to be processed. It is then shipped back to this mill in huge rolls to be cut. The cut paper is then shipped back to China. I bought a book last week... printed in China.
After all this back and forth shipping, it is still cheaper than doing it ourselves... incredible!