Thursday, May 17, 2007

The whole Hillier quote

I see the lobbyist for the undertakers and the dump owners is at it again, trying to smear Lanark Tory candidate Randy Hillier. I don't know the guy. I don't agree with his take on some rural issues. I probably wouldn't vote for him. I would, however, like to see him, and all other farmers in Ontario, treated fairly.

Fri, May 11, 2007
Talkin' about a revolution
Ottawa Sun

Hillier urged delegates to follow his political path because it "removes red tape, regulations and incompetence and allows farmers markets, tourist resorts, sawmills and bakeries to flourish, not flounder. I will remove health inspectors who pour bleach on egg sandwiches at church socials."

* * *

After three years, we can look upon our accomplishments and take pride in what we have achieved. The days of bureaucrats outfitted with hazardous chemical suits, entering sawmills in Lanark and Renfrew Counties and shutting them down are long gone. The days of arbitrary land use designations in Carleton County are over. The days of farmers not being able to acquire a single deer-removal permit are dead. And the days of health inspectors cracking down on farmers markets and cleansing church suppers are history. However, the greatest victory of all is that which cannot be weighed nor measured, but it can be felt in the heart of every Landowner. The sense of unity, identity and a common sense of purpose in defending our community’s has not been felt with such vigor in a generation. It is this intangible essence which is our greatest strength, a strength which will not be broken.

Ontario Landowners Association Press Release August, 2006


Anonymous said...

Got him!

Anonymous said...

You have just about finished Kinsella off. Small wonder he hates you so much.

field of dreams said...

A farmer is denounced as a radical for wanting property rights and free markets?

The Libertine!

We must pull al the depraved tricks that the Liberal crime cartel can muster to hurl at this infidel who resists the kleptocratic state