Thursday, May 17, 2007

Yo, Warren

You worthless liar. I'm not defending Randy Hillier, I'm taking you to task for shamelessly distorting his quote.
Just so everyone has the facts straight, even if you don't.

These days, those who criticise Kinsella's tactics of lying and manipulating facts and quotes find themselves, in effect, defending people on the right of the political spectrum. That's because, these days, those are the people he targets. It's the Ontario Tories, not the NDP, who threaten to get between Warren and a paycheque. I can assure my friends on the Left that Kinsella would use his same sleazy tactics on them if they were a threat to his meal ticket, the McGuinty Liberals.

Warren is shameless.

It's all laid out here , if anyone wants to read it: the attacks on people's sexuality; the numerous libel suit threats; the ghastly personal attacks; his $40,000 libel lawsuit payout; his career as an adman; the deconstruction of Kinsella by Paul Wells and Andrew Coyne, people Kinsella sucks up to now because they have power. Take an hour to read it.


ppm said...

My my my.... isn't that libelous of Warnout? Oh Raaandy....!

Anonymous said...

Why has Warren bastardized what Hillier said?

"I will remove health inspectors."


"I will remove health inspectors who pour bleach on egg sandwiches at church socials."

Am I missing something here or a clear case of deceipt?

Anonymous said...

You're boring.

Ottawa Watch said...

And you're a psychopath.
Get help.

Anonymous said...

Sad, Borning, Sad. Why don't you get another hobbie. Rachel & I need a break.


Ottawa Watch said...

As I said, you're a psychopath, and you need help. Nothing can actually cure your disease, but there are therapies to make it easier for you to function in society.