Sunday, June 03, 2007

Cop chases

One of my best stories as a newspaper reporter involved the cover-up of the details of a mishandled police chase. Still, I'd love to know what alternatives police have when a 15-year-old kid goes roaring by them in a stolen high-performance car. Toronto councillor Howard Moscoe says the police are to blame for last night's police chase fatalities in north Toronto. I think that's a ridculously simplistic explanation for a complex tragedy.

I see McWimpy has joined the pile-on. How pathetic.
Even if the cops are dead wrong on this, politicians should have waited for the details.

UPDATE (June 5):
The police version, which has specifics such as the location of cruisers vs. the position of the stolen car, underscores who the politicians were fools to speak beforfe knowing the facts.

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