Sunday, June 03, 2007

I believe

My wife and I did something last night that we've never done together: watched a hockey game. We did it with the deck doors wide open. Every time Ottawa scored, we hit the "mute" button and listened to the cheers and horns honking. It was a great experience. I'd seen small parts of the previous games and thought Ottawa was out-gunned. Last night, I changed my mind. Ottawa dominated Anaheim, and when the Ducks tried to push them around, Ottawa pushed back. Can Ottawa win the Stanley Cup? Yup. But they have to get their minds to the right place. They were there last night, but they'll have to win some games in Anaheim.
I had soured on hockey while watching the Leafs during the Sittler-Macdonald goon years. The hockey was sloppy. The constant whistles and delays were annoying and made the games long and boring.
BTW, I don't think Don Cherry looks very well at all.

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