Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Join the Club

I recently became aware of a bright young blogger. Once I get around to setting up links, he'll be near the top.

I see Kinsella's taken a shine to him. Chris' life is about to become very strange. I know mine has: the trolling on my blog; the weirdness on Facebook by Kinsella and his friend; the regular threats of litigation; the lies on Kinsella's masturbatory blog; malicious material posted about me (and others) on his self-authored Wikipedia page; inclusion on the Enemies List page, with bizarre lies about involvement with white supremacists and an incredible libel that somehow I've been "investigated" by the Press Gallery; weird threats posted under anonymous names at groups like Franksters, where Kinsella, posting as Boldface, has threatened to send salacious material to my employers.

Yup. This guy is a political strategy advisor to the premier of my province. He is involved in Native land claims negotiations for my federal government. He is the "media critic" for the National Post.
And he does all this crap with impunity and without the slightest sign of conscience or remorse, as though it's his God-Given right to trample anyone who gets in the way.
Then he calls you crazy.
Welcome to the monkey house, Chris.


There's something seriously wrong with Kinsella. Here's his blog post today:

June 07
June 6, 2007 – From yesterday, spotted by the always-amazing Oracle. Someone over at PCO is interested in this space, seems. Means they’re interested in a certain Ottawa company, too, I suspect.

Memo to certain Ottawa company: you’re going to have to kill me to shut me up.


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