Thursday, June 28, 2007

So, were you confused by the Black trial coverage?

I was. I believe Black will walk, and I've said it here several times. If I'd covered the trial, I would have tried to purge that thought from my mind and tried to listen to the trail as the jury heard it. That way, I would have been able to answer the big question: who won?
But that's not how the trial was covered. Those journalists who adored Black wrote pieces that are supportive of Black but not particularly insightful in terms of the trial itself. There are those, like Rosie DiManno of the Star, who despise Black, and mocked Black and his wife for being in the grim situation in which they find themselves. They did a poor job of covering the trial.
Only Theresa Tedesco, a skilled business reporter, did a decent job of trial coverage. I get the impression from her work that she expects Black to be found guilty on several counts and his co-accused to walk.
Time magazine has a piece on its web site about Black's media supporters. There is more, of course, to this story, as Time left out the Black haters. Still, it's a good piece.

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