Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Doesn't Tim watch Little Mosque on the Prairie?

My friend Tim Naumetz wrote recently about the CBC's overload of non-Canadian content. It was picked up by the Friends of Canadian Broadcasting.
I agree with more Canadian content.
But I despise Rick Mercer, Corner Gas, Little Mosque on the Prairie, and so much of the rest of the network crap.
But then, I despise US network TV, too. I barely watch any of it. I prefer Showcase, movie channels, and US shows on the Comedy Network (Stewart and Colbert).
Why do North American TV networks believe viewers are socially disfunctional or just plain stupid? Why are all the shows that are pitched to half-bright adults on cable? Don't the networks see that their programming decisions are the cause of their decline?
And what's with The History Channel? It hasn't shown anything historical since the Aspers bought it. If they hate history, why don't they must sell the damn station to people who actually enjoy it?


MA said...

Mark, Rick Mercer is funny. Admit it.

Ottawa Watch said...

No, he's not. He's just an old sourpuss.

badbeta said...

Get the military channel Mark, it's packed full of historical goodies with some of the best footage on WWI which is in my field of interest. I agree with you on CBC with the exception of Mercer. Even though he annoys me at times, I still think his attempts to show different views of Canadiana is a good thing.