Tuesday, July 17, 2007

McGuinty compassion

I used to write for an editor who had an autistic son. She was a single mother, and, like so many other parents of autistic children, she had to bear the cost when Mike Harris' government refused to fund special ed programs for autistic kids. A neighbour of ours has two autistic sons. She's a single mom on student aid. Her sons are in classes with other neighbourhood kids. He gets no special help. The McGuinty government's response to childhood autism is to literally pretend there's nothing wrong.
It was expected that a Liberal government would fund thos programs, but, instead, the McGuinty government fought a dragged-out court action. Recently, an Ontario court ruled that the government had to disclose the amount of public money its spent fighting the parents of autistic kids. Today, attorney general Michael Bryant, a decent enough guy, announced he will release those figures. Finally, a good decision.

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