Saturday, July 14, 2007

Sad news

Benjamin Books, one of the best used book stores in Ottawa, was set on fire last night. Benjamin Books is owned by a former philosophy prof and staffed by people who actually know about books. It also, because of support from faculty at the nearby University of Ottawa, sells new textbooks.
Hopefully, the store will re-open.
Benjamin Books is one of about four top-end used book dealers in the city. Fortunately (judging by the CBC story), Benjamin's top-end collector inventory appears to have been spared from the fire.

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Andrew said...

Hi - this is rather late given the date but I have been living outside the country for the year and only just heard about this story. I wanted to order a book from Benjamin Books via Abebooks for when I return in January but it is no longer listed. Do you have any idea if the bookstore is still operating?