Thursday, July 26, 2007

That's a lotta pasta

The story that won't die rises, zombie-like, for another go-round.
Brian Mulroney has been ordered to pay Karl-Heinz Schreiber the $300,000 Schreiber paid Mulroney for supposedly consulting about a non-existent pasta business. And Mulroney must pay over $100,000 in interest.
Strange enough. But the reason this judgment was made is even more bizarre. Mulroney did not respond to Schreiber's statement of claim. Schreiber won by default.
Now, I have two theories (which are shared, to lesser or greater extent, by my legal counsel, who's about to put the kids to bed.
(1.) Mulroney, a lawyer, and Mulroney's lawyer, are incredibly inept; or
(2.) Brian Mulroney would rather lose by default, then try to run the clock for a few years by appealing, than have to stand up in a court of law and explain just what exactly he did, or did not do, for that $300,000.
Take your pick.

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