Monday, August 20, 2007

Day 1 -- Working for a living

MONTREAL-- Toronto is be the largest and richest city in Canada and Vancouver is the most physically beautiful, but this town is so cool it hurts.
I made like a rube today, tooling around downtown Montreal, visiting the museums that were open (and, like in some small towns, a lot of things in Montreal, including the Museum of Fine Arts, are closed Mondays). I could spend so much money here. And the people, especially the Francophones, don't have that heavy, leaden anger that you see so often in Toronto and, especially, Ottawa. Maybe people here just don't worry that much about getting ahead (as in Toronto) or hate their jobs (as they do in Ottawa).
The clothes are more chic here. The restaurants have better food. The dollar store off Guy Street is more crowded and sleazy than anything in Ottawa.
Since I'll be here two or three days a week (and the commute on VIA is really no big deal), I made a list of things I'd like to see: the McCord Museum, the previously mentioned fine arts museum, some of the antique shops and galleries on Sherbrooke, all of the book stores that I haven't had time to visit, this place and the museum connected to it, more of Concordia and McGill, St. Joseph's Oratory. And there's quite a lot more (your suggestions will be welcome).
I'm blogging from the waiting room of the downtown VIA station. And I noticed the cheap earphones I bought at the Guy Street dollar store don't work. There's $3 I'll never see again. And since my dog ate my last three pairs, I'll leave these where he can get them.


MA said...

Go and see Body Worlds at the Science Museum. It's worth the long line-ups and even the million questions from your 12 yr old kid.

Just don't start cheering for those damn Habs. I'd never forgive you.

Marky Mark said...

Go Habs Go.

And have a Mister Steer burger. The gourmet shops on Sherbrooke Street west are amazing.

Anonymous said...

Eat a smoked meat @ Swartz on st-Laurent

Marky Mark said...

Last time I went there I didn't think it was that outstanding. I much prefer Snowdon Deli on Decarie north of Queen Mary (near the Snowdon Metro stop). They also have the best party sandwiches. If you are going to Ottawa they won't last beyond the Ontario border.