Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Gotcha, ya bastards!

Protesters at the Montebello Summit nailed three undercover cops trying to start a riot at a legitimate and peaceful protest.
Apparently, acording to the CBC, photos of the three big, bandana-clad men showed they wore Surete du Quebec-issue combat boots.
A few observations:
1. Again, democracy seems a pretty thin veneer in Quebec.
2. The Surete du Quebec continues to earn its reputation as the nation's goon squad.
3. When will governments and their agents come to grips with the concept of "freedom of speech"?
4. Probably nothing will come of this, even though the film footage that I've linked to is convincing, and should give honest investigators -- if any are handed this case -- a good chance to find out who these cops are and who ordered them to be agents provacateurs.

The SQ has admitted the "protesters" were their men, but continue to lie about what they were up to. There's no reasonable doubt that those guys -- especially the one with the rock-- were out to make trouble. In a crowd of old union types, Maude Barlow and their supporters, three juiced-up young men in bandanas and combat boots really stood out. Yesterday, and through most of today, the SQ lied by saying they had no one in the crowd of protesters. Today, Stockwell Day said none of that particular group of men were RCMP, but you don't have to parse his weasel words in this story to see that the RCMP quite likely had undercover cops in that crowd. In fact, Day suggests very strongly that they did.
Strangely, much of the mainstream media has been much too silent on this outrageous breach of free speech rights. CP wire service, however, has done a great job on this.


Anonymous said...

Yes, Big Brother in one shape or form has ALWAYS used such tactics. Hell, when we were locked-out at The Shitizen, management made sure there were a few undercover *sympathizers* walking with us.... I'm surprised at the *surprise* from people concerning this failed coup. Government always inserts their own into enemy territory. People are so naive these days...

Trust no one...

Anonymous said...

Again, "plants" have always been put in place WHENEVER there is a protest group rally, even by private business. I mean, come on.... this is Canada. Don't you realize we're a semi-socialist police state? Nothing new here... it's just a fact of life. I'm seriously dumbfounded big media is surprised at these actions. Hell, John Lennon was tailed! LOL