Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Internet Revolution

Discredited Tory hack / Internet entrepreneur Pierre Bouque likes to make little digs about the Internet (i.e. his news aggregator site) replacing the mainstream media.

Well, here's an analysis of traffic at his site. Notice how page views tumbled after he was outed by the Globe and Mail for selling his headlines. Now, to have real fun, look at the drop in traffic in the past three years. Then compare traffic at with the, and (The pulpwood products have the added advantage of each having about 400,000 people who shell out dough to read them.)
By the way, check any blog against the MSM. We barely register. But at least most of us aren't pretending to make a living at it.

Hat tip: Winkie


The Bloganism said...

To be fair, the comparison isn't quite apt --a MSM website offers many voices compared to the solitary voice of one lil blogger.
If you look at blogsites that have many bloggers contributing, then you have a better comparison.
Here's DailKos (grassroots Dems), Scienceblogs (self-explanatory) and CTV:

The Bloganism said...

Oops, that should read 'dailykos'.

Anonymous said...

Interesting, but unreliable data. Alexa only pulls stats from users who install the program and use IE or windows.