Thursday, September 20, 2007

Great Moments in Copy Editing

McGuinty defends record in Ontairo leaders' debate

(BTW, who is the genius who scheduled the debate for the same night as the first episode of Survivor?)


Anonymous said...

God forgive me, but I actually watched Survivor instead - largely because I have made up my mind and also think that these TV-friendly formats probably hurt a voter's chances of making an informed decision. But more importantly, haven't we seen that Chicken guy - the first one booted - pretty much every other season?

Ottawa Watch said...

Yea. They always cast a hillbilly. Usually the dumb-ass makes it well into the jury stage, even final 4, as someone's stooge. This guy was playing the "I'll follow anyone for a shot at second place" schtick so blatantly that he got ditched.
So, yea,I didn't watch the debate either. I doubt anyone did.

will26 said...

2 things:

1. I don't get it. Survivor was on from 8-9pm on my HD Rogers channels and the debate was at 6:30pm. Where's the conflict? Also, who the fawk watched live tv nowadays with PVR's? LOL!

2. The "chicken guy" ALWAYS gets booted off first. That person is the dufus/does not fit in/socially incompetent/just plain weirdo/eccentic *guy/gal* and you could have bet the mortgage he was gone. Check it out, it's next to always the *strange*, on the fringe, person who goes first...

Ottawa Watch said...

No. The Sick Chick, the Raging Control Freak, the Outright Geezer or the Stone Crazy goes first. This time, there's no Geezer, but the Sick Chick made it, as did two self-identified leaders/control freaks including the Ethnic Chick With a Racial Chip on Her Shoulder. The Stone Crazy Chick is on the other team, along with the Black Steroid Dude, the Weasely Little Fucker Trying to Manipulate Things But Everyone's Got His Number, the Hustler and several anonymous and mid-term-boot hotties and some testosterone-jazzed guys who go in the early jury weeks because they're challenge threats. They didn't cast a Hero this time, but it's too early to ID the Villain. (You can almost plug people in to the Survivor casting director's criteria). The oddballs and Southern nutters have legs. Look at the Scout leader woman. And Tom, the hillbilly who made it to 4th place in Africa. And a whole bunch of other lard-ass 55-year-old Good Ol' Boys and gals. And the trucker chick in Survivor One, Sue Hawke.
Was the debate on at 6:30? Hell, I never heard about it until after it was over. I figured it was in prime time because, well, who would watch a debate at 6:30 at night?
I'd love to see the ratings. Like I said before, I doubt anyone watched it except reporters and party workers.

will26 said...

"The 90-minute event at CBC's Toronto Broadcast Centre will be aired live starting 6:30 p.m. ET on CBC-TV, CTV, Global, Citytv, CP24, TVO and CPAC and streamed live on most of the media outlets' websites."

I scheduled a recording of it on my PVR and watched it once the kiddies were in bed. Then I watched Survivor, also recorded. I just LOVE PVR"s and the nifty things they do ie: Pause Live tv, rewind, fast forward, time-shifting. It is one of the technological marvels drastically improving our leisure experience! :))))

We'll have to agree to disagree concerning Survivor's first cast-offs. IMHO, the first person voted out is the most "awkward" of the bunch. Not the craziest, just... a li'l on the fringe.

will26 said...

Wish we could edit our comments, I forgot to add the link for the time it was on:

Best thing about the PVR: No more freaking VCR cassettes!!!

Dats all...