Friday, September 21, 2007

There's one born every...

Sy, you wonder who falls for spam scams? How about this guy:

Man loses thousands in Internet scam

Owen Sound Sun-Times

A 50-year-old Northern Bruce Peninsula man lost almost $11,000 in an Internet scam that promised him a "multi-million-dollar inheritance."

He was saved from losing more thanks to a concerned bank teller who stopped him from sending more cash and told him to call police, Bruce Peninsula OPP Const. Dave Meyer said in a news release Friday. The victim received an e-mail in June telling him he was entitled to an inheritance from the United Kingdom. He believed he was paying legitimate fees required to get the money, Meyer said. He did not identify the victim.

"It's surprising," the number of people who fall for scams like these, Meyer said.

"If an inheritance is legitimate, contact would not be made by e-mail," Meyer cautioned people. In this case, the victim believed the inheritance offer was real.

Meyer wasn't certain what gave an air of legitimacy to the scam in the victim's mind.

"E-mail is new for some people. And a lot of people are still under the impression that people are going to be honest and straightforward," he suggested.

Phone Busters, the anti-fraud call centre run by police, says last year 4,197 Canadians lost nearly $24 million in prize, loan and vacation-type scams. Another 7,776 Canadians lost $16.3 million to identity theft and 190 more lost almost $3 million in a Nigerian letter scam, the Phone Buster website says.

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