Friday, November 16, 2007

Extradite Schreiber?????

They have to be kidding to even pretend to give it consideration. Keep him here and hear him sing. We have made dirtier deals with far bigger douchebags. For instance, the Mulroney government gave hitman (estimated 15 kills) Real Simard a fabulous gym/cell and a shortened sentence in return for testifying against Montreal mobster Vic Cotroni, who then conveniently pegged out. Here we have a guy who did the same kind of bribery/fraud/income tax evasion on both sides of the Atlantic in our power. Yes, they want him in Germany, but we want him here, and the difference between us and the Germans is we have the bastard on ice. So let's make a deal. If KarlHeinz has the goods: the story, the paperwork, hopefully some tape, let's wind him up and let him run around the room. If it's all just a big crock, we'll send him back to Germany and let them take their shot. If he goes back now, we'll never know whether the allegations against Mulroney are true. That will leave a cloud over Mulroney, Elmer MacKay, Marc Lalonde, Fred Doucet, Frank Moores, Stevie Cameron, the CBC and Harper's government. Removing that cloud altogether or separating the innocent sheep from the avaricious goats is worth the price of keeping KarlHeinz here and making him happy enough to chat.

As for the allegations against Chretien, all the more reason to have a special prosecutor. If Chretien is innocent, the cloud over him should be removed. If not, he should be punished. Same as for you, me, the guy around the corner, or any other Canadian.


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Ottawa Watch said...

Anyone who knows me well is aware of my reckless spending on all those things.

Anonymous said...

I'd sure like to know the full extent of Schreiber's dealings Canadian politicians and I don't care whether it includes a list of CPC, Liberals, PC or NDP. I hope they are all exposed and somehow we can raise the bar going forward. Fat chance, I know but there is little else to be optimistic about these days.


Brian Grenya said...


Please check out my blog. While I don't share your view on Mulroney , I think he needs to answer legitimate questions.

As I said on my blog:

a) Mulroney was suing for libel. Allan Rock and the Justice Department sent a letter to Swiss banking officials that made several allegations against Mulroney, namely that Mulroney had undertaken illegal activities related to Airbus. The letter entered into the public domain through its publication in the National Post. Suppose, in discovery, the government had somehow learned about the $300,000 and Mulroney's closer business relationship with Schreiber. The government would still need to prove the funds were obtained illegally, and not for some future business undertakings. Even Schrieber maintains that the money was not linked to Airbus but for setting up pasta and armaments businesses. Hard to see how then or now, the government could prove its original allegation that the money was linked to Airbus.

b) As L. Ian Macdonald points out, the $2.1 million dollar settlement was a direct bill for Mulroney's legal and PR fees in fighting the government's allegations. Despite the rhetoric from Part Martin and the liberals, Mulroney never seen one cent of it. Its hard to see how the government could recover $2.1 million from law firms and Quebec PR firms given its track record in recovering the $40 million from Adscam.