Tuesday, December 04, 2007

I, The Jury

Well, here are a few notes from the Schreiber hearing:

Luc Lavoie is right about Karlheinz. They'll have to screw the bastard into the ground after he dies. He comes across as the classic wheel-greaser. He has no compunction about bribing people or using arms-makers' money to meddle in Canadian political affairs.
At the same time, he's not willing to rat anyone out. He didn't bribe Mulroney when Mulroney was in office. All Airbus money went to Frank Moore's firm for lobbying services rendered. He has no idea what happened after that.
Mulroney was paid for some vague services, and here's where Schreiber's evasions start looking ridiculous. He says he hired Mulroney because Mulroney would have pull with Kim Campbell's government. But he kept paying Mulroney long after Campbell tanked. What for? Well, all that's left is the pasta machine.
And yet Schreiber says the schmeirgeld -- grease -- was normally paid to politicians after a deal was done, as a kind of bonus. It wasn't something paid out up front.
Still with me here?
Sorting through all of the obvious lies and crap, one thing's clear. Schreiber kept good records. Before they're shredded, someone should issue a subpoena for them and have them shipped off to a good forensic accountant.
Karlheinz has what he wants. He's getting out of jail. His deportation is delayed. My friend Gerd Braun, a Frankfurt reporter, says the prosecutor in Augsburg, Germany, is having a fit. And the clock is ticking.

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