Friday, December 07, 2007

Well, maybe I was wrong

The Mulroney-Schreiber story may have legs. I watched him yesterday and he's noticably better at keeping his story straight. People didn't ask him the right question. He didn't give Mulroney money from Airbus. He gave Mulroney's lawyer in Zurich money from CGI, a lobbying firm. Airbus gave the money to CGI. So if you ask "Did you give Brian Mulroney any money from Airbus?" Schreiber would answer "No."
There needs to be co-operation between the Germans and experienced Canadian investigators. There also needs to be a skilled prosecutor assigned to this case in Canada.
Why dredge up this old story?
Here's one reason you won't likely see in the papers. Back in the early 1990s, the American ambassador, Tom Niles, complained Airbus got its deal with Air Canada by bribing people all over Ottawa. Canadians didn't catch Alan Eagleson, who ripped off NHL players. The Americans did. Canadians didn't prosecute Bernie Ebbers. They didn't get convictions in the Bre-X scam. None on Conrad Black. No convictions in Shawinigate, only the little fish in the Sponsorship scandal. It was the Germans who fingered Schreiber. Nothing on the Income Trust leak. Every major Canadian player rejects a national securities commission, even though the provincial ones are a joke.
In fact, the slogan "The Mounties Always Get Their Man" has been twisted inside out. If the man is a Polish man freaking out for a cigarette in an airport, the Mounties might get him. Otherwise, they're hopeless, or they're leashed.
Our country is developing a reputation as a haven for political corruption. We look like some Third World rathole. Take this, for instance.
And anyone who really wants to be sickened by police incompetence should look at the Air India bombing investigation in which the RCMP and CSIS played a Keystone Kops game and blew whatever leads they had in that mass murder.
Schreiber has many reasons for stringing politicians along. Read The Last Amigo by Stevie Cameron to see how much the Germans have on him. This song and dance is his last hope of freedom. But don't write him off as a crank. The millions actually existed and he doled out the bribe money. All we lack is the details.
He's still playing politics, believing it's profitable to shield anyone connected with Harper. Schreiber's hell-bent on denying knowing Peter MacKay. And he's made it clear that all the wheel-greasing was done without paperwork. Since there's no jury in the world who would convict anyone based on Schreiber's evidence, don't expect anyone to go to jail.
All this does is solidify Mulroney's place in history and strengthen the resolve of people like me who want lobbyists put out of business.
Today, Dourque Newsbought said only 50% of Canadians are interested in these revelations. I humbly suggest they're the 50% who get off their asses and vote. The irony is the Conservative Party of Stephen Harper is probably the cleanest government we've had in 40 years.

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