Sunday, February 24, 2008

On Hate Crimes and Such

Today Warren Kinsella says people had better get used to hate crimes because folks like Mark Steyn and Keith Martin, PEN and the Canadian Association of Journalists want to get rid of Sec. 13 (1) of the Canadian Human Rights Act, which may, effectively, give a government agency the power to censor the press. (That's if the CHRC case filed by several law students against Maclean's magazine is upheld).
Now, after some problems with the Prince O' Darkness, I must admit I enjoy Warren's writings and believe his heart is in the right place. But he uses this story as an example of how Canada has back-slid. Read the story carefully. No one in it suggests people should get away with writing racist crap on a campaign sign. In fact, the police spokesman quotes says the cops are treating it as a hate crime, an offence under the Criminal Code (in there with public mischief and vandalism, which are also gainst the law). In fact, this case shows the law works. The offended parties need not go to the Human Rights Commission. The cops will do their job.


Warren said...

s. 319 charge needs consent of AG. Has been given about 12 times in past 40 years. Bet ya a beer, after Lent is over and I can have one again.

jaycurrie said...

Whereas vandalism requires a basic criminal charge.

And how, Warren, would the HRC stop sign vandalism - racist or otherwise?

Ottawa Watch said...

Warren, you have have two advantages:
1. You are in a state of Grace
2. They probably won't catch the vandals (but neither will the HRC).
But you're on.