Sunday, February 24, 2008

Why Harper should have engineered an election now

My prediction

In one year:

* people will talk only about the economy, which will be in the tank. Canadians have never re-elected a federal government in or after a recession. Ever.
* a clapped-out economy and inflation will lead to labour problems in Quebec and a revival of the Bloc
* we will be nowhere near "winning" the war in Afghanistan and that will be obvious to everyone.
* Bob Rae will be in Parliament, making for an interesting Liberal front bench
* Steven Harper won't be any more popular than he is now
* people will be intrigued by the McCain, Obama or Clinton presidency and dismayed by Canada's sad-assed political offerings
* the Green Party and NDP will be finished as a force in Canadian politics simply because people will be bored with them
* Harper's old Reform base will be disappointed, angry and ugly and will talk about setting up yet another splinter party

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