Saturday, March 01, 2008

David Suzuki, where are you?

Last year, the Great Man's visit to my kids' school was cancelled because of bad weather.
Today, the last of the visible patio furniture diappeared in the meter-deep snow on my sun deck.
I notice no one has mentioned "climate change" in Parliament since last fall.


Mark Dowling said...

uh - that might have been vaguely amusing if you said "global warming" and not "climate change" given the near-record snow we've had (at least in Toronto) this winter.

Ottawa Watch said...

Yea, but the climate always changes. When it's warm, the Suzuki-types talk about global warming and its impact on things like Arctic ice. When it's cold, it's "climate change". Real can't-lose, since the climate is always changing always has been.

Anonymous said...

Of course you do know there's a difference between climate and weather, right?

No... ok, then. Carry on.